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William Shakespeare

Elizabethan Time

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Religion Background:
King Henry had a daughter Mary who was Catholic and he had a son who was Protestant. Mary burnt down all Protestants as she despised them and ended up being executed. Then Henrys other Daughter, Elizabeth made Church of England and thats how it all began.
Queen Elizabeth 1 ruled a whole kingdom successfully for more then 40 years (1533-1603). She refused to marry and claimed she was married and devoted to England. She was a quick witted, energetic, dazzling woman who loved the arts, theatre, music and literature.

Men & Women:
In the plays in the Elizabethan time, women were'nt actors. There were only men on stage and they played both men and women roles. During the Elizabethan time Women had very little to say in anything.

Queen Elizabeth

The most common manor plan for Elizabethan times housing was an E shape, with the vertical line of the E being the main hall, and the shorter horizontal end lines the kitchens and living rooms. The shorter central line was the entry porch. On the upper floor of the main hall there was a long gallery, used for entertaining as a family area, for exercise on dull days, and as a portrait gallery, the long gallery was an almost universal feature of Elizabethan manors. It featured windows on three sides and fireplaces along the fourth, and it usually ran the entire length of the floor.

Elizabethan Housing


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