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William Shakespeare

All About Shakespeare

All About Shakespeare
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His Background:
John Shakespeare was a glover and a man on the rise. He married Mary Arden, who was born and raised in Wilcott. Once married the pair moved to Stratford-upon-Avon where they had two girls who had died and then were lucky enough to have William a healthy boy. After William John and Mary had 5 other kids.

William and his parents John and Mary.

His Birth:
Shakespeare was born in April 1564 his birthdate is unknown but we know he was christebed on the 26th of April, in the Holy Trinity Church. He was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in Warcwickshire, 100 miles North West of London.
His Education:
Shakespeare attended Stratford Grammer school 6 days a week from 6AM to 5PM with a break in between. The only subject he was taught wouldve been Latin Grammer. Latin had to be spoken as well as written.

This was the house where Shakespeare grew up in.

His Lovelife:
When Shakespeare was 18 he met Anna Hathaway a very mysterious woman. She was 27 at the time, 9 years his elder but they were in love and in 1582 while Anna was pregnant with there first child, they got married, on November 30 St Andrews Day.
His Children:
The following May of 1583 there daughter Susannah was born and in 1585 the couple had twins Hamnet and Judith. On August 11 1596 when Hamnet was only 11 he died of the dreaded disease at the time the Bubonic Plague. In 1607 there eldest daughter Susannah married Dr John Hall and the following year she gave birth to Shakespeares first grandaughter Elizabeth. In 1616 the marriage of Anne and William's daughter Judith took place to Thomas Quiney and they had a baby boy named Shakespeare who tragically died at only 6 months old. They then had 2 other sons Thomas and Richard.
His Death:
Shakespeares death and the date is unknown but most people suggested that he was sick at the time. We know he was buried on April 25th 1616 in Holy Trinity Church where he was baptised at age 52. His tomb lies beneath the Church covered with a stone that has this curse on it:
"Good friend for Jesus Sake forbear to dig the dust enclosed here!
Blest be the man that spares these stones, and curst be he that moves my bones."


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